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Sheila Strassburg is a native New Yorker with almost 40 years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry. While attending college she worked as a cosmetic consultant at a high end department store in New York to help fund college. It was there that Elite Model Management  hired her to design make up for their new models and  model portfolios.  

During this time she completed an AA degree in Fashion. From there, almost 2 years of Business classes at a State school but, didn't complete the degree. The Universe was taking over, showing her new paths of greatness. She followed. In 1980 she completed 1000 hours of course study in Cosmetology and was licensed that same year. Since those early years she has completed over 800 extra hours of training in styling, makeup techniques, and hair design.  

It didn't take long for the the head hunters of the fashion industry to see her work was skillful, detailed and artistic. In a few short years Strassburg became a sought after stylist for well know New York beauty campaigns working on Ads and campaigns for Vogue, Dior Cosmetics, Revlon, Cosmopolitan, & Erno Laszlo. 

Constantly working as a young stylist to make her mark, she was discovered at a IMTA convention in NYC. Sheila won all the top styling categories for make up artistry that year! She was interviewed by every talent agency at the competition and signed with Timothy Priano. She credits this break in her career for the life that followed.  

Sheila has worked across the USA and Canada on fashion, film, commercial projects and national pageants that require a editorial beauty look to the finished project.

Sheila is an award winning stylist with several prestigious styling awards for hair and make up design in commercial photography, television and editorial content.

Sheila signed independently in New York, Chicago and Canada at top styling agencies to help keep balance to her life as a young wife and mother. She was  able to control her work and personal life by booking her own jobs.  

Companies signed on to work with Strassburg after seeing results of successful ad campaigns and catalogs. This included the international company, Eastman Kodak.  

In 1989 Strassburg was  head hunted by Eastman Kodak's National and International Headquarters. Two years later she became a head stylist for Eastman Kodak's National and International Divisions. For over 15 years she helped produce hundreds of Kodak signature campaigns for the world famous company. Many photographers on staff  complimented her skill set calling it exquisite and artistic without need of photo retouching. Strassburg is a old school professional a real find in the 21st century.

During that time she also collaborated with Clairol, Lancome, ERNO  Laszlo, Christian Dior, Estee Lauder and fashion driven magazines such as, Woman Wear Daily,  ELLE, VOGUE, MADMOSELLE, COSMOPOLITAN, REDBOOK, MARIE CLAIRE, LAUNCH and more for work outside the comforts of Kodak.



In the mid 80's Sheila was contacted by local Miss America Officials. Their goal was to help refine and improve the look and style of some of New York's brightest contestants and they knew Sheila could help do it.

Shortly after joining forces with Team NY - Local winners  started winning their local, State and National events. Since then Strassburg has served as a travel companion, coach and style guru for many delegates. Many people started calling Sheila "The Queen Maker" and for good reason, she helps produce winners.

From there, other States and directors from different systems started enlisting The Queen Maker to help. Soon after that Strassburg was coaching, directing and participating in pageantry herself.

Countless winners of local, State, National and International events now use the services of Sheila Strassburg.


She states, "I fell in love with the beauty industry all over again through pageantry. Pageantry allowed me to work more closely with my clients. I was not only the make up and hair expert I became the coach and mentor lending a critical eye to help improve and refine each delegates special qualities. It really does take team work for a contestant to win at nationals. I love being part of that equation." 

Sheila won 4 State Titles for the America, International, American United States and Continental pageants. She went onto capture 4 National titles: Ms. US Continental 1998-99, Ms. World Continental 2000, Mrs. All American 2001 and Ambassadorial Title at the American Image Pageant in 2005. She is also very proud of winning the Congeniality Award among fellow delegates at four pageant events. To Sheila it's the acid test of ones true personality.

She understands the mind set of a contestant, she understands the work involved, she understands PAGEANTRY and that is a huge advantage in helping her clients to stand out, keep focused, compete at their peek levels and win!


If you are interested in working with Strassburg please  contact her using the form from this web site.

Or write directly to: [email protected]