Commercial Shoots Commercial Shoots NYC Fashion Week Web Flyer! 70696965 Getting Pretty pretty sample shots before retouching... 70599289 Clairol Cover of Professional Color Catalog 70696966 Beauty Shot Sometimes it takes all day to get the prefect shot! 70696967 Tear Sheet from Ad work 70696968 Pageant Beauty Shoot in Louisiana Cheryl Grobelney Ms. American Renaissance Life Time Queen 70696969 Touching Up... On set touching up Model: Deb Jones 70696971 Collage' of Cover Shots and Ad's 3 Covers and on inside Ad 70696975 Beauty Shoot In Louisiana Jane McGallester 70696972 Getting ready for a Shoot I love my job! 70696976 Editorial Piece from WWD Bridal Editorial 70696978 Editorial WWD Bridal Editorial 70696980 For Italian Vogue Designer: Perio DiMitrie Styling: Donna Goddert H & M: Sheila Strassburg 70696979 On A Shoot with George Kamper Beauty .... 70696981 Self Portrait Sheila Strassburg, in person. 70696984 MAC AD 2010 Model wearing studio fix, and loose powder. Two shades of lip color and Glass lip gloss.... a touch of contour on cheeks. Photo: Christel Bangsgard 144857947 Lips... one of my tradmarks... MAC AD Photo: Christel Bangsgard 145768670 MAC PRO AD Toronto, Canada 144857949 More MAC footage... without logos, unretouched photos Nice photos even thought they did not go in the AD 145768672 MAC without logos PART OF THE SHOOT NOT USED Photo: Christel Bangsgard Still artistic and nice shot that didn't make the final MAC AD. 145768673 Commercial Ad Stock Photo I should have negotiated more money for. It's been used by two separate companies in their advertising. 144857951 In Dallas TX Nucerity Convention Putting together a beauty campaign in Dallas, TX with Nucerity. 70696988 Prepping for a shoot! Miss New York America Delegate State finalist 70696987 Prepping Marci for Finals at National Pageant.... Mrs. United States National Pageant Las Vegas, NV 70696989 Lisa, Mrs. California Top 5 finalist at Mrs. United States 77703824 Ms. United States National Official all access pass.... love this VIP treatment 144857944 Back Stage at an event.... I'm in there some where... giggle!! New York Fashion Fall Week 77703830 144857948 National Mrs. United States Pageant I am their official Hair and Make Up expert for this show. 144857957 Mrs. New York 2011 at NYC Fashion Week We spent a week there having fun and going to all the big shows. Karen O'Hara was a host for Second look TV there. 144857950 Lisa Christie- New Head Shot One of the stars of the P.I.N.K. Method and former Mrs. America 14 years later... she is still amazing! Photo: Collignon & Jaroz Photography H & MU: Sheila Strassburg 144857952 NYC Ad 144857953 Wedding Hair.... LOVE! One of my clients... 144857955 Sherbet Inspirations Love the whole vibe of this shoot... more to come! 172778791 Loving the whole vibe of the shoot! 172778807 Spring 2010 NYC Fashion Week 144857961 Spring 2010 NYC Fashion Week 144857958 Spring 2010 NYC Fashion Week 144857959 Ms. World - Heidi Sheer - International shoot In the Ice Room at Steve's studio in Detroit, MI 145768667 Inspirations! Spring design and shoot 172778793 Fun days at studios in USA and Canada. 172778797 More............ 172778799 Miss Michigan US 2012 Detroit with Steve Raglin 172779365 More photos from Sherbet designs. 172778800 Love! 172778801 So pretty, love this shoot! 172778803 Love the Black and White vibe with the pops of reds and pink! 172778810 Inspirations! Spring/Summer Shoot 172778811 Inspirations! Spring/ Summer Shoot! 172778813 191870058 191870059 191870060 191870061 191870062 191870063 198937209 198937210